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Idle Compression Assets – Used to Near New – Revamp

Revamp Shop

In this extremely difficult and truthfully any market, idle assets can be your CapEx savior.  At WPI we are fully staffed and operational to handle all of your revamp needs.  We remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  50 HP to 5000 HP, WPI is ready to work with you on your needs. Visit our brand new website ( or go directly to our page for more information.

With projections of the domestic compression industry idling compression equipment to the point in which the utilization could possibly reach 50% or below, it makes sense to redeploy these assets when the market turns.

WPI has Revamp facilities in Oklahoma City, OK, Houston and Odessa, TX, Bloomfield, NM, and Broussard, LA. We also have the expertise and ability to complete the work in the field at your location.

Keep WPI and our experienced team of engineers, shop and field technicians in mind for your next revamp needs.  We send best wishes to everyone for good health in this difficult time in our industries and more importantly country’s history.