We know you’re under pressure to keep your fleet within emissions limits, and with new standards being released, it’s more important than ever.

Emissions limits are tightening—not just on the federal and state levels, but on the local level, too, and following monitoring and maintenance practices while keeping NOx, CO, and VOCs in compliance is more challenging than ever. By choosing a rich-burn conversion solution during your next Waukesha VHP upgrade, you’ll be able to increase your fleet’s reliability, lower emissions by up to 90%, avoid emissions compliance-related activities, and get your units ready for the future—whatever it may bring.


The case of converting to a rich-burn engine
just got more powerful

Picture31-300x203 Picture41-300x64Lowered emissions (up to 90%) without lowered performance
—increase site hp with GL to GSI coversionPicture51-300x40ESM with emPact control solution
maintains emissions in specified range with little to no operator intervention, using only 3% of the tuning time of comparable systems