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Drones Continue to Fill the Skies for the Oil and Gas Industries

We live in a world today where technology is all around us in some form or another. The oil and gas industry is no different. The industry has evolved over the years and with the help of technology it has improved production and efficiency. Specifically, emerging technologies in robotics and automation have significant opportunity to improve operations in the oil and gas industry by reducing costs, and increasing safety, efficiency and speed of the processes.

Having a company where much of the work is completed in the field, drones are playing a more active role in the industry. Drones coupled with other monitoring technology are capable of detecting leaks, engine malfunctions, or noticing when a unit is down. Such solutions help minimize equipment downtime, increasing worker productivity as well as promptly addressing safety and regulatory compliance. Additionally, since trucks, field workers and equipment are always on the move, using monitoring solution helps address several challenges while dealing with the ever-changing weather and environmental conditions.

Since drones have its roots in consumer-related applications, there are several technology providers out there today. As companies venture into implementing drone technology it is important to ensure the technology provider is up to the very demanding challenges of the oil and gas industry. One such provider is Avitas Systems, a BHGE Venture and a strategic partner of WPI. Avitas has spent years developing and refining its drone solutions to meet challenges for industrial equipment applications including drilling and production activities. The company leverages state-of-the-art robotics complemented by cloud-based platform and analytics solution to drive tangible value to their customers and industry-leading service providers.

Time is money. When critical materials are needed, production can grind to a halt if they are not delivered quickly. Instead of waiting for the shipment to arrive via traditional methods, drones could be leveraged for delivery. Leveraging drones for parts delivery is still in early stages of deployment due to government regulation. Nonetheless, several technology providers are marshaling ahead with industrial-grade solutions. One such provider is Volans-I’s. Volans-I’s UAV’s can expedite both regular shipments and critical deliveries. Their solution is designed to meet the demands of the oil & gas industry such as extended range and higher weight payloads. When working at a remote site, part deliveries can be crucial depending on the high demand of when the job needs to be completed. Having drones accessible in the oil and gas industry would be very beneficial to the operation as a whole.

Oil and gas companies are always going to face challenges, but what makes leaders in this industry is always seeking to be better. Seeking to transform their company in a way that others haven’t yet found. Staying current and up to date on technology is a way that a company will constantly continue to grow.