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Idle Compression Assets – Used to Near New – Revamp

In this extremely difficult and truthfully any market, idle assets can be your CapEx savior.  At WPI we are fully staffed and operational to handle all of your revamp needs.  We remain […]

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MPS City Rooftop

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

It is never too early to start preparing for hurricane season.  Being located along the Texas coast, we are familiar with the significant impact hurricanes can have on our daily […]

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Frontline Soldiers

The Frontline Soldiers

With more than 160,000 novel cases of Coronavirus in the United States, our healthcare facilities are working around the clock, not only to protect, but serve.  With hospitals not taking […]

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WPI Announcement COVID19_032420

Dear Customer, At WPI, our employees and customers remain our top priorities as measures are taken to contain and treat COVID-19. While being cognizant of the needs of our communities, […]

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How the Oil & Gas Industry Is Helping Reduce Emissions

The Oil and Gas Industry is an industry always striving to make improvements. Whether it has to do with advanced technology, improved efficiencies, or emission reductions, the industry is always […]

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Millenial's Article

Millennial Challenges and Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry

  Nobody can disagree with the fact that millennials have and will continue to drive significant impact on economies and the underlying industries.  At 83.1 million strong according to the […]

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Drones Continue to Fill the Skies for the Oil and Gas Industries

We live in a world today where technology is all around us in some form or another. The oil and gas industry is no different. The industry has evolved over […]

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