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Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

MPS City Rooftop

It is never too early to start preparing for hurricane season.  Being located along the Texas coast, we are familiar with the significant impact hurricanes can have on our daily lives.  Growing up we were taught that it is better to be safe, than sorry.  When weather related events or unexpected situations occur, people would like the peace of mind knowing they won’t be without power.  At WPI, we believe hospitals, municipalities, public utilities and other crucial industries need reliable power generation equipment to preserve safety, workflow, and efficiency.

The impact of a hurricane can be staggering.  Hurricane Harvey affected over 13 million people and cost $125 billion dollars in damages.  Of those 13 million people that were affected, 125,000 people lost power during the storm.  The category 4 hurricane had winds up to 135 mph causing major damage throughout Houston and Louisiana.  With this level of impact, it is critical for residential and crucial industries to be prepared.  Thankfully, the Texas Medical Center was prepared for Harvey unlike when Tropical Storm Allison hit.  “The deluge (torrential rain fall) hit TMC particularly hard, as flooding filled underground parking garages, the underground tunnel system that connects many of the facilities, and basements housing critical power supplies, transformers, generators, switches, and other electrical equipment” (ECM Web).  Lessons were learned and all of the hospitals and institutions in the Medical Center moved their power supplies to higher levels.  Having a reliable and frequently maintained power source is so important when it comes to these types of disasters.

In Texas, WPI can come to your place of business to perform load bank testing and ensure both the engine and generator are working properly under harsh conditions.

Meteorologists can only do so much with forecasting and predicting what path the hurricane might take.  Having a dependable source of power is crucial during this time of year.  With hurricane season starting June 1st, are you ready?